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The day is probably about to kick your butt, and you might have to talk to some people that you're just not ready to speak with first thing in the morning. We feel ya! Don't start the day off that way. The one thing we can all look forward to and control is that awesome cup of coffee you can make in your kitchen every morning. Our Manik' medium roast coffee blend brings your taste buds the best of what high-altitude Guatemalan and Peruvian coffees have to offer. This blend captures the essence of Guatemala's Santa Rosa's renowned coffee region, cultivated at lofty altitudes, offering fruity and tart nuances, while the Peruvian coffee, grown at similar elevations, adds a touch of chocolate, citrus, and almond nuances. Jump out of the everyday, mundane rat race of waiting in line at some corporate chain for some dirt water and elevate your coffee game with smaller roasters that offer some of the best coffee out on the market. Nuances: Honestly, we believe it reminds us of a taffy apple. If you remember those. Apple, Caramel, Almonds