IXXA Coffee Roasters meticulously curates  & roasts coffees from high altitude coffee growing regions of Central & South America.

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High Altitude Grown Coffee Blends

Single Origin

 Mountain Grown Coffee From Small Farms & Fincas 

About us

We care about coffee, plants, and the planet. Want to learn more about how we do our part, click below.

Best Sellers

Light Roasts

Our light roasts highlight the unique natural flavors of the coffee. If you like sweet nuances and some acidity, check out our light roasts.

Medium Roasts

Slightly bolder than our light roasts, this roast level gives the coffee more body, less acidity, while keeping some of the sweetness of a light roast. 

Dark Roasts

With bold flavors and little to no acidity, our dark roast is for anyone that enjoys some cream with their coffee without sacrificing taste.

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M-F 7 AM – 3 PM

Sat 9 AM – 3 PM

Sun 9 AM – 3PM 


IXXA Coffee & Plant Shop

1720 Calumet Ave Whiting, IN 46394

Phone: 219.232.8138


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