Ever wonder how coffee is harvested and why you may be paying a premium for that amazing cup at your local specialty coffee shop?

There are a few different methods that are used to pick coffee cherries (the fruit of the coffee plant). The first method we’ll be talking about today is called “hand picking,” where workers manually pick the ripe cherries from the branches of the coffee trees. This method is labor-intensive, but it allows for a high level of control over the quality of the cherries that are picked, as the workers can select only the fully ripe cherries.

Another method that is sometimes used is called “strip picking,” where workers remove all of the cherries from a branch at once, regardless of their ripeness. This method is faster than hand-picking, but it can result in lower-quality coffee, as it may include underripe or overripe cherries.

Mechanical harvesting is another method that is sometimes used, particularly on larger coffee plantations. In this method, machines are used to shake the branches of the coffee trees and collect the cherries as they fall to the ground. This method is faster and less labor-intensive than hand picking, but it can be less selective and may result in lower-quality coffee.

Once the coffee cherries have been picked, they are typically processed to remove the outer layers of the fruit and reveal the coffee beans inside. There are a few different methods that are used to process coffee cherries, including wet processing, dry processing, and hybrid methods. The processing method that is used can affect the flavor and quality of the final coffee product. Check out our blog on different processing methods.


Here at IXXA, our values are to always provide the best quality coffee from high-altitude growing regions for the best flavor. As a Latin-owned business, we truly care and are passionate about paying top dollar for our coffee. This ensures coffee growers keep growing coffee, and treat and pay their employees what they deserve.


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