Prayer Plants Care Guide

The Calathea is stunning with its array of colors and patterns. They are an amazing addition to anyone’s home. They can be a little fickle, but with some practice your plant will thrive. 

This plant does best in medium to bright indirect sunlight, it can tolerate low light, however its bright colors will fade. It is a heavy drinker, making sure to water whenever the top inch of soil is dry. If the edges of the leaves start to brown, and you are watering regularly, try switching to filtered water. 

Pot in well draining soil with lots of organic matter. This plant needs high humidity, it is recommended to add a room humidifier. This plant will do well in the bathroom or kitchen where humidity tends to be higher. A balanced liquid fertilizer once per month can be added to increase growth. Be sure to dilute to half the recommended strength and to stop fertilizing in the fall and winter months when the plant is dormant. 

This plant is non-toxic and is pet safe!