Coffee Plant Care Guide

Coffee plants make wonderful houseplants! They are easy to care for, making it a wonderful plant for a beginner plant parent. 

They need indirect bright light, placed near a window is best, but not directly in front of it. 

It will not tolerate temperatures below 35 degrees F, keep it away from any doors, open windows, or AC vents. 

This plant does best in well drained soil, make sure that your pot has a drainage hole. Keep the soil most, but not soggy and the environment humid. 

Pull back on watering in the winter months. 

Use a balanced fertilizer every 2-3 months in the Spring and Summer, stop feeding in the winter months. 

This plant can grow to be 6 feet tall, be sure to prune to the size you want, the best time is early spring. Takes 3-5 years to mature and in the perfect conditions, can give berries which contain coffee beans.


This plant can be toxic, please keep out of reach of pets and small children.