Peruvian Apple Cactus Care Guide

This beautiful cactus is a great addition to your home! It forms apple-like fruits, which are edible. Although it is less likely that they will fruit indoors.

They need as much sun as you can give them. A south-facing window would be best, be sure to rotate your cactus a few times a year to ensure even exposure to sunlight. 

They do not require much water, and about once per month is adequate. Be sure to allow them to dry out between watering. Taper back watering in the winter when they are dormant. 

They need a cactus soil mix, which contains more sand than typical potting soil. This allows for drainage as they will suffer if they sit in soggy soil. 

During the spring, you can add a granular slow-release fertilizer to help in its growth.

This cactus is pet safe.