Washed coffee refers to a method of processing coffee in which the cherries are soaked in water to remove the outer layers of the cherry, revealing the coffee beans. This method is typically used in countries with humid climates, where the cherries are too moist to dry effectively, using the natural or dry processing method.

The process of washing coffee begins with the cherries being harvested and soaked in water to loosen the outer layers of the cherry. The cherries are then placed in a machine that removes the outer layers and reveals the coffee beans. The beans are then dried using various methods, such as sun drying or mechanical drying.

Washed coffee tends to have a cleaner, brighter flavor with less fruitiness and acidity than naturally processed coffee. It is also generally considered to be of higher quality because the washing process removes any defects or impurities that may be present in the cherries. However, the quality of washed coffee can also be affected by factors such as the quality of the water used in the washing process and the drying of coffee seeds.


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