Arabica coffee is not currently considered to be an endangered species. However, it is facing a number of challenges that could potentially threaten its long-term survival.

One of the main threats to Arabica coffee is climate change. Arabica coffee plants are sensitive to changes in temperature and precipitation, and the increasing temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns associated with climate change can have a negative impact on Arabica coffee production. Arabica coffee is also vulnerable to pests and diseases, such as coffee leaf rust, which can significantly reduce crop yields.

In addition, Arabica coffee is facing competition from other crops, particularly those more resistant to climate change and pests. This can lead to the conversion of coffee land to other crops, reducing land availability for Arabica coffee production.

To address these challenges, coffee farmers and industry organizations are working to develop more resilient varieties of Arabica coffee and implementing sustainable farming practices that can help protect the long-term viability of Arabica coffee production.


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