Indoor plants take a trip outdoors

Yes, your indoor plants can survive and do well outside. I love to step outside and breathe in some fresh air on a beautiful day, plants enjoy it too! There are simply a few things to keep in mind before you send your baby out to play. 


First you want to acclimate your plant to the new environment. You can set your plant outside for an hour at first and increase the time over the following 10 days or so. This will help reduce the chance of shock, which can stunt its growth.


It is best to mimic the indoor lighting environment that the plant is accustomed to. If the plant prefers low light, set it up in the shade, where it will receive indirect sunlight. Even those plants which can tolerate direct sunlight should be treated with caution as too many hours in the direct sun can scorch the leaves. 


It is safe to leave your plant outdoors once the temperature is consistently over 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature drops below this minimum at night, bring your plant baby in and you can send it back out in the morning. 

Mother Nature.

Your plants will do fine if there is some light rain, however be mindful of a storm or heavy rainfall. Strong winds can damage the plant, break stems or even knock it over. Best to shield it from the elements if they become too intense. Remove the saucer from under the plant if you leave it in the rain so that it can drain freely. 

There you have it. Your indoor plants can not only survive, but thrive outside! Your plants are living, breathing beings; observe them and they will tell you what they need and when something is wrong. Happy plant parenting!