Best Bedroom Plants

Need some help choosing the best plants to put in your bedroom? I have some soothing suggestions for you. 

Snake Plant.

This plant provides an amazing gift not known to the masses. It actually emits oxygen at night! Other plants only do this during the day. This can improve your sleep and ease your stress levels. Its low maintenance care relieves the mind of responsibility. It is also one of the most recommended plants for air purification.

Photo by G. Southern California

English Ivy.

A beautiful vining plant, with delicate white tones that will ease your energy whenever you step into the bedroom. Some studies suggest that it purifies toxins, mold, and airborne allergens from the air. Vine it near a window or up the wall, be as creative as you want turning your ivy into visual art. 

Photo by Istock Photos

Aloe Vera.

Medicinal plants for the win! Aloe vera has been recognized to purify the air, but also has topical medicinal properties. You can use it for burns and sores, recently it has been showing up in many beauty products on the market. A powerful plant to calm your spirit when you need it. 

Photo by Dreamstime


A dainty flower can visually, mentally, and spiritually cultivate ease. That is exactly what I want to feel when I walk into my bedroom, is ease, calm, peace. Its need for delicate care can serve as a reminder that we must be gentle with ourselves as well. An important reflection before going to bed. 

Photo by Decoracion Mobel

Find some peace and quiet when you are ready for bed. These plants can help create the environment and mindset you hope to achieve when you step into your sacred space, your bedroom. Sweet Dreams!